My ankle has been Smaugified

Got mods?

Hey guys, if you didn’t see the last time, I’m looking for people with sexy mods to send me pics for an upcoming conference I’ll be speaking at (topic is the future of body modifications).

So atm I’ve got a fair few standard piercings/tattoos but would love a few less conventional pics to add in. Stretched lobes, pointed ears, branding, surface anchors, suspensions, split tongues…you get the idea! Also I’m looking for examples of REALLY BAD mods too, so if you’ve got a backyard job tattoo or a nasty fail somewhere that you wouldn’t mind showing off, I’m hunting for those too.

If you’d like to participate or want more details please PM me! Thank you ♥ xx

Yay! Done like half an hour ago by Travis at Exotic Tattoos and Piercings in Singapore. Reads “Not all those who wander are lost” in Tengwar (Quenya translation).

Also this looks curved because it is, it’s on my rib ^_^

So I guess I’ll be saving that Captain Spaulding tattoo I want until this time next year because I’m all set to get Kat Von D to do it while I’m in America! ^_^

Disclaimer for the people who will go off at me: Yes, I know she is a celebrity and a half. Yes, I know there are better artists out there. But like it or not, she was a role model I looked up to in my early teenage years and getting tattooed by her would be a huge honour. Respect those who made you who you are. ♥

Sydney people, recommend me a good portrait tattoo artist please? :) My leg wants something fun soon!

I’m Coming for Your Headstone by AngelfxckDecided to mash up two things I haven’t done in forever- tattoo design and portraiture. If you aren’t aware, this is the amazing Agnete Kjølsrud of Djerv and Animal Alpha (and she also did guest vocals on Dimmu Borgir's 'Gateways'). Agnete is an awesome vocalist and one helluva performer so check her out! The title of this piece is from Djerv's song 'Headstone'.
Runes of the Norns: What has been (Wyrd, represented by Hagalaz), what is (Verdani, represented by Isa), and what will be (Skuld, represented by Nauthiz).

As much as I hate whoring myself out as an artist, sometimes you’ve just gotta bite the bullet and ask for help. So I have a little favour to ask all of you lovely people! I’m working my ass off on new stuff and have my first full body of work almost ready to be shown to the world! Any new likes, shares, or even just reblogging this would be mighty helpful.

Much much love <3

xx AF

My best friend and I got friendship tattoos. Original design by me, and prettied up by Dean at First Blood in Sydney.


Right now I’m all about black flames and 80’s biker style!!I want you all to reblog this to holy fuck. I really wanna tattoo this on someone.
Love you all.

Masuimi Max