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Acumen Nation - Elective Surgical Strike

This was on s07e01 of True Blood today. It was only a brief snippet and I thought it was Skinny Puppy at first, but as always True Blood never fails with getting the industrial right at Fangtasia :p Kind of grew out of this style of music but it’s not too bad.


Angelfxck shot by Jackalopeland


Well this is awkward…

A couple of months ago or so I said I’d have a competition for whoever liked a status at the time to win a print once this page reached 250 likes. Well I’m 5 likes away, but…*antici-pation*…my prints went missing when I moved house!!! I’ve looked everywhere, and they’re definitely somewhere, but since I can’t promise a print straight away, I’m gonna sweeten the deal…

Gonna try this again! Like THIS status and share my page, and once I get 250 likes I’ll randomly select someone to win a mini A5 drawing by me! Which is just as cool as a limited edition print right?

Okay SHARE! xx

Almost there, but since not many people have responded to the giveaway yet I’m going to run this for another 24 hours to be fair to everyone :) Please share!

Photo by Jade Martin Photography
Model: Angelfxck
Dress: Fetasia
MUAH/Styling: Angelfxck
Do not remove credits!

Just a few items left on eBay before I close shop for a few months! Shipping worldwide. Get ‘em while you can xx

Clearing out my house to scrounge a few pennies so that I can start up my business! I have tonnes of pre-loved accessories, clothes, shoes, textbooks, and other knicknacks for sale at crazy prices <3 Please please have a look and share, I’ll be listing new things up soon!

I have new #latex thanks @hexhypoxia! #fetasia #fetish #goth #ootd #bats
We&#8217;re going to Candy Mountaaaiinnnn

If you weren’t yet aware, when I’m not busy procrastinating on Tumblr, I’m actually an illustrator. Will be working on lots of new goodies and I post a lot more regular (and personal) info on my page so hit ‘like’ to keep up to date. <3

Such a lucky duck! Boyfriend is getting me (almost) the entire ensemble in crimson for Valentine&#8217;s Day because he&#8217;s a pervert amazing &lt;3 Aaaaahhhh!!! Dreams do come true!

Dear followers, due to increasing difficulty with coping with my mental health issues of late, I have decided to put studying on hold and spend 2014 focusing on recovering. 

While I am lucky enough to be supported by my family through my treatment during this time, it is important that I remain active and as such I am currently taking commissions to help supplement my income for the present.

If you or any others are interested, I am currently offering my illustration services for a reasonable price to help cover the costs of my treatment and travel between Australia and Asia during the coming months. As always, all original artworks on this page and my prints are still for sale.
I’d really appreciate your support during this time, and if you could share this around it would be much appreciated.

I will also be offering a discount to all Tumblr and Facebook followers of my page. For more details, you can find my entire portfolio at

Love, AF xx